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PRF Centrifuge Machine

Power Supply: 100/240V~ 50-60Hz

Power: 40W

Max Speed: 5000RPM

Max Centrifuge force: 3074


Time: 10sec to 99min

Max Load: 8x(6)15ml tubes

Max Permitted Density: 1.2/ml

Acceleration Time to Max Speed: 20 to 80sec available 

Braking Time From Max Speed: 20 to 80sec available

Ambient Temperature: 5°C to 35°C

Dimensions(WxDxH): 16 x 15 x 10 IN

Weight(with rotor): 5.0kg


BD Vacutainer Set $250

-100/bx: BD Vacutainer Red Top Blood Collection Tubes Glass 10ml

-50/bx: Vacuette White Top Tubes 9ml No Addittive

-50/bx: Exel Winged Blood Collection Set Needles (no safety shield) 21G

-50/bg: BD Vacutainer One Use Needle Holder


PRF Box includes a mini tray, a bowl, a tube holder, and 6 PRF instruments. $350

-PRF Scissors

-PRF Forceps

-Bone Carrier

-Bone Packer Big

-Bone Packer Small

-GRF & PRF Carrier

PRF Centrifuge Machine

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