Portable iRay D3

Convenience & Cost Effectiveness:

-You cann stay with the patient, especially beneficial for children

-No need to construct separate shielded rooms, so all operation rooms can be X-ray rooms

-Lightweight (4lbs) gives handy operation and saves time on full mouth X-ray

-More than 200 shots on single charge (1.5hr). Battery and space included



-Applicable and compatible with all detectors, film, PSP and all kinds of sensors



-Completely mobile system with a battery and extras

-Compact design and lightweight allows it to be moved anywhere in and out of office



-Designed for handheld, so it does not affect the operator with extremely low leakage radiation 

-Rechargable lithium polymer battery is very safe and stable with safety circuit

-Battery can be charged separately with a main X-ray body

-Battery within unit can only be charged by magnetic charger cable(US version)


Other accessories:

-Neck strap to balance the weight and preventing dropping


Technical Details:

X-ray Generator - high frequency 

Tube Voltage - 60kV(fixed) US version(65kV)

Tube Current - 2mA(Fixed) US version(1.7mA)

Tube Type - Stationary 

Tube Focal Spot - 0.8mm

Target Angle - 20°

Exposure Time - 0.05~1.35sec

Power Requirement - DC 14.2~16.8V

Weight - 1.8kg

Detector - Film/PSP/Digital Sensor

Power Supply - Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery

Display - OLED

Charge Method - Magnetic Cable(US version)

Portable iRay D3