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ImplantXP Corp.

801 Easton Rd. Suite 8 Willow Grove, PA 19090

Tel: 1 (202) 702-9958   Email:

Implanteo motor is designed for implant placement and for dental and bone surgeries: teeth extraction, apicoectomy, osteosynthesis, bone remodelling, bone smoothing, etc.


-Torque up to and controlled calibration of the contra-angle (display the torque in real time)

-Led lighting ("Daylight"-25000 lux) with adjustable brightness that is independent of the motor's rotation speed

-Wide touch screen

-Up to 10 programmable user profiles and 10 sequences per profile

-Real-Time display of the surgery data and possibility to back up data on a USB flash drive (patient follow up, sharing data with prosthodontist)

Implanteo LED


    IMPLANTXP CORP. / 801 Easton Rd. STE 8 Willow Grove, PA 19090 / 1 (202) 702-9958