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Hybrid S Ti-Base

> Packing Unit : 1 Ti-Base + 1 Abutment Screw
> For Screw-Cement or Screw Retained Abutment
> Titanium Base for Strength of CAD/CAM
Customized Zirconium Abutment or Crown
> Gold Color for More Translucent Restoration
> Lingual Surface Hole for More Esthetic Restoration (Ø4.0)
> Right Angled (Ø4.0) and Humped Design (Ø5.0, Ø6.0)
for Anti-Rotation of Prosthesis

> Library available for EXOCAD®, 3Shape®,
Dental Wings® and Others
> Connected with Abutment Screw (2SSHR200)
> Tightened with 1.2 Hex Driver and Torque Wrench
> Tightening Torque Force : 30
> Use Scanbody for 3D Work
> Fixture Level Impression

Hybrid S Ti-Base

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