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EBI Precision II  Tissue Level: 2.8mm, RN

- Octa 4.8 Connection

- SLA Surface 

-Excellent Cutting Edge: The self-tapping features make the implant be inserted easily and have the initial stability.

- One- Stage : One- STage surgical operation process.

- Two Collar Heights: Collar height is devided into 1.8mm, 2.8mm according to various tissue heights. 

- Internal Octagon / 8' Morse Taper Connection:

Internal Octagon makes the abutment be placed in its direction and Morse Taper offers the friction locking connection. 

- Mount Free System: Offering reduction of surgery time and providing the clinician with convenience. 

- Comparison of the mechanical degree of precision and fitness: Result of the comparison with the Company "S" and Precision showed that the degree of precision and fitness of Precision fixture and abutment combination is more superior or equal. 

EBI Precision II Tissue Level: 2.8mm, RN

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